If you are not in this career or vocation today, what do you think would you be?

February 22, 2007 7:20am CST
Ok, it was kind of difficult to phrase the question. I mean, if you are not at the job, career or whatever it is you are doing today as a form of livelihood, what do you think would you be doing? For me, I think I would still be an employee somewhere. Not very much different.
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@rhinoboy (2129)
22 Feb 07
I would like to say that I would be some hot-shot guy who owns a really exciting business, doing fun things to make loads of cash. The reality is, like yourself. I may have been sef-employed, but i would probably still be working in an office, punching info into a computer and waiting for my pay-check at the end of the month!
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• Philippines
22 Feb 07
Great spirit, rhinoboy! Like we say around here, there's no cost to dreaming. Well, at any rate, no harm punching at a computer; maybe that's our niche somewhere in the grand design to halve the world's poor by 2015? :) cheers and shine!
@FrancyDafne (2048)
• Italy
15 May 07
I am a civil servant. My job is the most horrible and boring job in the world, I really hate it. I hate everything, my job, people who work with me.... everything, but I have a family, and so I have to go on to go to my office. When I was a child I dreamt to become an artist, I really loved drawing and painting, but when I had to "choose" my secondary school, my parents didn't allow me to attend an art school. Drawing and painting are my favourite hobbies now, and I'm attending an art school, I have fun, but I don't think to become an artist anymore.