The things people do to feel good!

February 22, 2007 8:49am CST
People often do ridiculous things and go to extreme extents just to feel good. I read a joke about three boy scouts who were getting desperate at the end of the day, as they had not done their mandatory good deed of the day. The next day when their scout master asked them, they beamed and said that they had helped a blind man to cross the road. When the scout master noted that it did not require three boy scouts to help one man across the street, they sheepishly admitted that the man did not actually want to cross the street and that the three of them were required to force him to do it!!!! Though this is just a joke, I find people who are equally desperate to do something to feel good. They don't really care whether their deed benefits anybody or not, as long as they feel good about it. A couple who live near my house routinely dump good and perfectly edible biscuits for the dogs to eat, though there are no dogs in the entire block! The biscuits that they generously dump near the trees lining the street just lie there till they crumble into dust and get blown away, and yet I find biscuits on the street, every Sunday morning. Having thrown those biscuits, they probably feel very nice about their own large heartedness and go away. If they really wanted to help or be good samaritans, there are many other ways that they could have gone about it, but are they really bothered?
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22 Feb 07
I guess there r only few 'misguided good Samaritans'- in today's world as it is difficult to find people who genuinely do good for unknown others (let alone dogs). at least it gives them some (empty) happiness. But i guess u should tell ur neighbors abt the dog biscuits and pls let us know what was their reply
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• India
23 Feb 07
well the thing i prefer to do to feel good is to help my frndz. I try to help them when they are stuck somewhere in problem. No matter hw intuitive the problem is bt i feel dat i have don a great job coz when i eradicate that problem, the smile that comes on my frndz face is dat lik a million rays of sun gets lighted together.