How to win the lottery or how can i have enough money to buy a computer?

computer and money - There are many ways to we can be rich using the computer and the internet.
@arwenrey (316)
February 22, 2007 9:42am CST
There comes a point in my life that i want to earn a lot of money for future security because i know there's no one i can count on than me. My parents were old and won't be able to support me. While my husband is very thrift and the opposite of generous in terms of keeping money. The company i worked for i think is dissolving and at my age its hard to apply for a new job since they preferred much younger employees. I want to work home base on computer but i can't afford a computer and the only way i have access to the internet is through my office. How i wish i could just win the lottery with just enough money for me to buy a computer and i can live and be rich.
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