Will you like to interfare in others matter if they don't allow you?

United States
February 22, 2007 12:28pm CST
Sorry for taking time. This is a big story. My husband had been ambitious and always involved in studies and work. When I was married he has to work long ,besides, office was at a long distance so he was spending very few time at home. During those period I felt that due to his jealous friend he disturbed our married life. His friends were very nosy and since they didnot get well educated wives or supposed to get so, they always interfered in my life by misusing my husband's innocence about family life. Their logic was that they're trying to help me. I had good parents and I love them very much. Then why should I need their help if they are showing their superiority (which was a result of inner inferiority complex)? Thank god we got rid of them. Now my husband is not so ignorant so I don't mind to see them. Rather, I like to give them big slaps not physically but intellectually. will you like to show such attitude? and what will you do with so called friends? I will like to interfare those lives who allow me to do so.
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