I love Spring festival!

February 22, 2007 12:32pm CST
now in my country there are a most important festival-Spring festival!the Spring Festival is celebrated by Chinese people all over the world,at Spring festival we have a big family dinner,people are very happy about it. we make dumplings,set off firecrackers ,how happy we are!
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• China
24 Feb 07
So do I. Just imagine that if we have no festival in our life, that means no relaxing day, no family union, no cultural celebration... Life should be made.
• China
27 Feb 07
let us enjoy pleasure!
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@snowflake5 (1580)
• United States
2 Mar 07
Spring festival sounds wonderful. What a charming idea to celebrate the end of winter! We don't have a spring festival like this in the west - the Americans tend to celebrate the harvest in autumn (thanksgiving), and in Europe we have a mid-winter festival to cheer everyone up (it is now called Christmas, but in reality Christmas is a very ancient festival which used to be called Saturnalia, which dates back to Roman times, and which is held on the same day as in the Roman era, 25th Dec). Can you tell us a bit more about Spring Festival? How did it originate?
@moreinfo (3867)
• China
2 Mar 07
Now in china, young guys are also celebrating christmas, and even thanksgiving day. Spring Festival, Chungjie, a feast for spring. The same as New Year, Xinnian. There are many legends related to the xin nian. One is told like this: In the ancient times, there was a monster called NIAN (the word year) always came out to hurt the villagers during the winter end. So farmers used fireworks, horns, drums etc to expel the monster. Later on, such actions became the xin nian (new year) feast.
• China
14 Mar 07
thanks for your reply!in Spring Festival all the people should come back home to spend the Spring Festival.
@wm69love88 (3466)
• China
23 Feb 07
Spring Festival - Happy Spring Festival!
This is the lunar New Year according to Chinese calendar and most important traditional festival in China.It's a festival for family get-together.I love Spring Festival,too.Happy Spring Festival!