Is there anything in your life you would change?

United States
February 22, 2007 1:54pm CST
If you could change something you did in your life, what would it be? and if you did would your life stillbe the same it is right now. I believe that everybody makes mistakes but those same mistakes are what make you who you are today. Do you agree?
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• India
22 Feb 07
Well this is a question asked in interviews and the answer should be 'I am satisfied with what i am and don't want to change anything'.But this not an interview and I will tell you the truth.I do want to change many things in my life.I want to change the times when I was rude to someone,the times when I was lazy and neglecting the work to be done and so on the list keeps on going.It is true that we are what our mistakes make us but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't change that when its not good.