What kind of girls do you like?

February 22, 2007 2:28pm CST
Well... during ages in history men liked different types of women. Now, most can say that really skinny ones are the most desired... but is that true? Do men really like to hold a bunch of bones in their arms? Do they really like sticks? On the other part, some still like Rubensian girls... you know, the ones more than voluptuous... Big boobs, big butt, it true... but is that big fat belly what you what to see in the morning near you in bed? IN MY OPINION, a beautiful girl is slim in the waist, has round firm boobs, nice shaped,firm butt, beautiful eyes, kissable lips, nice legs and a healthy stilysh sexy looking hair. :)))... but i'm a girl, too (...and I'm straight :D), so maybe that doesn't count. AND ...beauty is skin deep. SO... how's the girl of your dreams (for the males) or a woman who you really admire (females)? I would really like to know thangs like hair colour, eyes colour and stuff... ...I'm sure most girls are curious to know what guys are going to answer.:P
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@coolsid2007 (1031)
• India
22 Feb 07
for me its like 40-60 ratio... i like girl with 40% beauty and 60% manners, career, intelligence, someone who knows how to carry herself no matter how beautiful or ugly she might be ... i think its all in mind ... and the one who likes and knows to use it wisely and morally ... i will fall for taht girl no doubt... she definately needs to intelligent ...
• Romania
22 Feb 07
Wow... I was waiting for someone to say that he wants intelligence and attitude... Good point. so looks + ATTITUDE = real girl :)