Would you do plastic surgery to become more beautiful?

@reaperz (1266)
United States
February 22, 2007 4:19pm CST
Would you? I wouldn't because I don't trust those things. But would you?
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@coolsid2007 (1031)
• India
23 Feb 07
I wouldnt prefer that ,,, nor would i want my girlfriend to do that... i think its all about inner beauty after all... and you really cant run away from life... it will catch you sooner or later...Scientifically i dont think they are that reliable either...
@akiraz (265)
• United States
23 Feb 07
i would since i am already rich
@ThioYF (82)
• Indonesia
23 Feb 07
I don't either, i like the original. its fine as it is.
@Darkwing (21588)
22 Feb 07
No way. I hate anything unnatural, and beauty is within, in my opinion. What is the point in paying all that money to look good on the outside, when you're not good within your soul? I would definitely strive for the latter, as that is the basis of your character... looking good doesn't last! In fact if one has plastic surgery, I think it ages the skin. The aging process becomes quicker, and one can't get back out of the loop, so it's plastic surgery over and over and over. Nope... project your inner self and be loved for who you are, not for whom you've been made to be! Brightest Blessings.
@ESKARENA1 (18299)
22 Feb 07
no, most deffinitely not, i would ban it. I think it takes drs away from treating illness. Cosmetic surgery should only be used for reconstruction say after burns or cancer or indeed if a birth defect makes it necessary but not for figure refinement, nose realinement or boob jobs, never blessed be
22 Feb 07
I don't think that plastic surgery does make you more beautiful. It does make your body lok younger maybe for a few years but later in life I think you look a lot worse than if you let yourself age naturally.