Undertaker and Orton

February 22, 2007 4:37pm CST
I have been having a liottle arguement with someone on BBebo, about Undertaker and Orton. He is a big Orton fan and I am an Undertaker fan. He reckons that, Undertaker is no match for Orton and Randy Orton is in a Higher league, what is your opinion?
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• Portugal
22 Feb 07
Undertaker is a monsters.He started his wrestling career in 1990 and he still kicks it! Tombstone Piledriver is one of my favorite moves.The way he puts the hair on his face and then pull it back while doing that creapy thing with the eyes its just awesome. Orton is just a newcomer comparing with undertaker. I believe orton has long career in wrestling, but the Undertaker created a style, and thats really difficult to beat.