You have 5 Hrs. to spend on internet

February 22, 2007 11:51pm CST
How will you spend this time? By surfing sites By chatting with frinds By reading article By cliking ads ?????????? N why you will do this?
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• Pakistan
29 Jan 08
Salam Mudassir and warm welcome at mylot. You are allowing me for five hours to spend on internet. Five hours are much time. I get 24 hours a day. And I think that these 24 hours are 24 golden coins. If I go on line for 5 hours. It means I have been asked to spend my 5 golden coins on internet. So I would think first that, how should I spent these 5 golden coins at internet. I will seek good and learned friend at internet. I will like to talk with learned people. I would like to learn and also earn. And all of this beneficial return is available here at mylot. So I would like to spend my 5 hours here at mylot.