Can you laugh at yourself?

United States
February 23, 2007 12:33am CST
I am, if anything, a bit of a clown. But I can also do some things that make people just look at me and shake their heads. I have had quite a few moments that most consider embarassing, but me, being who I am, well, I just break out into laughter at myself. Now onto a story where I had to laugh at muself or hide forever in a closet. It was the year 2005, not so long ago and my husband was serving his 2nd tour in Iraq. Knowing that he'd have a room to go to most nights, I made sure he had my laptop with him if for nothing else, but to play some games and enjoy some of his limited downtime. To my pleasant surprise, they did have internet service and every now and then, that little yellow face on the yahoo messenger would light up and I would get to chat with him. He had a webcam with him and when he finally learned to use it, I got my first glimpse of him in 7 months. What a wonderful feeling it was! Well, as we were chatting, he was looking into the camera and asked me, hey can I see the puppies? Ok, let me explain, puppies is his pet name for my boobs, so that is the3 first thing that came to my mind. I said, ohhhhh the puppies, sure you can see the puppies! Why not? He is my husband afterall! I sat back, pulled up my shirt and flashed him the puppies for what I think was a long time. Then I heard himsay, um Reesie....I put my shirt down and looked at the screen and standing there behind him was his room mate and a couple of friends grinning like cheshire cats! My husband said, "the DOGS! I meant the dogs!!" The only thing I could do with all of them staring was break out in huge laughter. It made it very interesting at the homecoming ceremonies and the subsequent cookouts we had to celebrate the guys being home. So see, this is the kind of thing that happens to me and I take it with full resposibility and laugh my heart out. Happy Trails!
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@ThioYF (82)
• Indonesia
23 Feb 07
interesting story, absolutly you make me laugh :D but anyway sometimes i do clumsy things too, and misunderstanding what others say :)
@sechsey (1836)
• Canada
23 Feb 07
I want to believe i do. I often laugh about silly things i do to put everything ate ase or to relieve me of the embarassment. I generally look at things as part of fun as well so its good. :)
• United States
23 Feb 07
LOL thats great! But I completly agree, you have to laugh at yourself or else you end up taking your self to seriously and that just makes you uptight. Whenever I find myself being too serious I find some way to make a fool of myself. Like yelling really loud in the grocery store and then smiling and waving when everyone stares at me.
@charms88 (7541)
• Philippines
23 Feb 07 surely make my day. I really needed this kind of refreshng story. I love it. I also laugh at myself many times. When I'm alone or just browsing the internet. Like right now, I can't stop laughing at your discussion. Its a good thing my pet bunny is the only one here with me. Way to go...lovesfreedom!!!