do you think shes the best???

ayumi hamasaki - a fan put her pic on the back on a van
February 23, 2007 12:58am CST
well anyone who loves j-pop music will know ayumi hamasaki.. but i prefer those morning musume girls.. so who do you think is better ayumi hamasaki vs morning musume...????
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• Indonesia
11 Feb 08
I haven't tried a lot of morning musume songs, but so far I still prefer listening to Hamasaki Ayumi's songs. perhaps because I feel she rocks and not to mention the strong character inside her lyrics. :P well, everyone has their own favorite one. but morning musume girls are cute. :)
• Malaysia
11 Feb 08
hehe.. yup they r so cute... hehe
@Montblanc (141)
• Canada
1 Feb 10
I prefer ayu over Morning Musume. I barely like any songs by Morning Musume.
• China
3 May 07
yappss, i think she is the best ^^ she has all that woman wanted to be,.. beautiful, cute, fashionable, has a really nice voice, can dance, and her style is so unique ^^ really2 love ayumi ***
• Philippines
23 Apr 07
ayu chan for me is the best. her voice is great she performs well and besides shes a solo artist. morning musume is way too many for a jpop group band imagine sixteen girls in a stage.. omg what can i say
@yuki87 (607)
• Italy
23 Apr 07
I prefer Ayumi Hamasaki, even though Morning Musume are so much fun. XD Ayu isn't just a performer, she writes her own lyrics and expresses her feelings in every song, so that's why she's special to me. :D
@NonoBon (76)
• Estonia
22 Apr 07
I like morning musume better. They make great music but also perform in TV every week, wich makes it easy to love them :)
• United States
25 Feb 07
I think Ayumi Hamasaki is so pretty! She is the best her voice and her unique way of remixing music is awesome. Too bad talent like her will never make it in America. She refuses to come here!
• Indonesia
23 Feb 07
T_T i still haven't heard morning musume yet. I really want to hear them. Well i can't give you my oppinion but for me there are some of ayumi hamasaki songs that i really like.:) Well it's often because i like watch the anime first and then i like the opening or anding song afterwards.:) Is it morning musume have the same kind of music like ayumi hamasaki?