do you believe in destiny?

@coolchai (707)
February 23, 2007 1:26am CST
my husband told me he knew me even before he worked for my uncle's manufacturing biz. he told me he was working for a company that is also situated on our family biz. he told me that he already saw me there and we have bumped to each other, at that time i was irritated at him. who would expect that the same person he met 10 years after will be his wife?
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@sugarlen (138)
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
i do believe in destiny. i can still remember in the past when i wanted somebody else. i know that he is madly in love with me because he tried to manage to overcome difficulties just to see me but what happened? at the end, it wasn't still that person i married. call it destiny? can you imagine after thirty years of not seeing each other... we happened to communicate again... it wasn't planned, my boss needed some service from the company he works for... i tried to call the main office to find out if he is still connected with the company... he told me it was an extra-ordinary thing that happened because an operator never refers anyone to a branch and besides nobody knows him in the main office. is this what you call destiny?
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@Hayley_N (526)
• Argentina
24 Jul 08
You choose your own destiny. By that I mean that everything you need to know God and trust Him with your life is available. You must make the choice to ask Him into your life and trust the provision He made for you through Jesus. Your destiny is to choose between eternal life in heaven with God or eternal life in hell without Him. But the choice is yours. So in a way you have a destiny and a choice that no one else can make for you.
• Philippines
10 Mar 07
Yes, I believe that there is such a thing as destiny. However, most of us do not take heed of it anymore as we are more inclined to listen to reason rather than to leave life to destiny. A few are lucky enough to have found their destiny despite having gone in pursuit of their targets in life.
@vikasintl (267)
• India
10 Mar 07
Yes destiny is there and its called karma in our Indian religious books.