What do you or will you miss the most about your Baby?

@Saddaf (30)
February 23, 2007 1:34am CST
Whats the one thing that you will/do miss the most about your babies, since they grow up so fast?? I will miss the way he sleeps in arms. The way he touches my face with his tiny hands and that toothless smile and giggle.
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@shifsha (22)
• Singapore
23 Feb 07
hmmm lets seee.. there are lots of things but one i'll definitely miss is the smile he gives me after i breas t feed him.. aww its the sweetest!!!! its something like he telling me "wow! mom that was a great meal":D the next thing i'll miss is his drooling LOL!! might sound funny but i just love seeing his drool
• Bahamas
23 Feb 07
I miss that new baby smell and the wide smiles that light up a rooom. every thing about them is so perfect,except changing diapers.
@rhinoboy (2129)
23 Feb 07
While I'm working, my wife gives most care to our baby. I will certainly miss the fun we have at bath-time. i will also actually miss changing her nappies (diapers). Although the job grosses me out, I like the little play we have on the changing table, where I blow 'raspberries' on her tummy and make her laugh. I'm actually looking forward to her growing into a toddler, as it seems to be much more rewarding than the baby stage.
@Sicantik (706)
23 Feb 07
I will miss his smile, his laugh, his baby talk, his cry, his first step and everything.... Most of all I will miss watching him sleep in his cot with that innocent baby look....lol xxx
@carlaabt (3505)
• United States
23 Feb 07
When my son gets older I will miss being the most important person in his life. I know eventually I will have to let him go and grow up, but right now he is just so sweet the way he says "Mama, Elliott need Mama." and "Elliott wubs mama" I will also miss the way he crawls into my lap with a book. Hopefully I won't have to give that up for a while. At least not until he's well past the toddler stage (he's only 13 months now).
@harwoodkp (285)
• United States
23 Feb 07
Our son is a cuddler. A lot of that came from him being born 2.5 weeks early. We held him on our chests and he spent many of ours their. Now that he is four he weighs a lot more. LOL. Now that he is getting older, I am looking forward to a lot more new memories.
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
I would really miss her two front teeth smile and the way she giggles also. I really love the way she calls me "Mom" whenever she needs something since when she grows up I know it would be less and less that she would need me. I also will never forget how she wakes me up in the morning with her calling my name,kissing me,and embracing me all at the same time.
@imtiyaz1 (146)
• India
23 Feb 07
i will miss the way they cuddle up to me ,their dependenc on me and most of all their innocence