Do you "FAKE" it????

United States
February 23, 2007 1:34am CST
I have NEVER faked it and somehow noone seems to believe that, but god as my witness its the truth. If something isnt "getting you there" dont you tell the guy or gal your with about it? I dont have a problem telling my guy what I want and how in order to make it good for us both. But when I hear that EVERY women fakes it, I know that its NOT true and I have a really hard time believing that it might be. If your not in the mood, do you just do it anyway for him/her? Is that why you fake it? IF you fake it all the time how will he/she know what you like and dont???? I hope to get a lot of responses from this because this really stumps me and I just dont understand why someone would pretend to be happy with something so important in a relationship..
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• United States
26 Feb 07
I have faked it on several occasions. Sometimes I'm tired and there is no way I'm going to "get there". other times I want my partner to feel as though he has pleased me. If I know that they are trying but it's just not working then I might fake it. Most of the time when I do fake it my husbands knows.