Photos on a myspace page

February 23, 2007 1:57am CST
Okay , I need a sanity check.Here's the scenario: Guy was dating Girl A for four hours....Girl A broke uo with him.Guy meets Girl B,they date for several months and get pretty close,Girl A breks them up by coming back and saying she still has feelings for Guy. Guy is confused....says he loves both A and B.Guy decides to not date any one and try to just be friend with both.All three have myspace accounts.Girl A gets mad and calls Guy because Girl B posts pics of herself with Guy on myspace.Guy asks Girl B to stop doing that.Guy says he has also asked Girl A not to post pics,make flirtatious comments etc. Basically I am Girl B.I have pics of me and several other guy friends on myspace.I m livid and that would ask me not to post the pics.He's my friend , as are the other guys.She is not his girl friend,and I don;'t feel she has any right to be mad about those pics.She has a pic of the two of them on her page ,also. am I being irrationally angry?I feel like he is putting her feelings above mine,and if that is the case,he and I should just stop talking and she can have him.I did not get mad or say anything about the pic she posted iof the two of them.What do you think?
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