cat on a clear day

Slovak Republic
February 23, 2007 2:03am CST
every cat i've ever known has loved to sit and stare out windows. most windows in the house have beds of old towels before them, on desks, boxes etc. however, sometime ago i noticed the kitties also liked to look out the opaque panel that blocked their cat door in the back door. it has a hole about 1 inch diameter in it, a fingerhole for easy removal when they are allowed to go out. they'r go up and press one eye to the hole and look out, then the other eye. I got to thinking (usually a dangerous situation for me, but this time it worked out fine), and had an "Einstein moment." I went to the local home improvement center and bought a small pane of clear plexiglass. I then traced the figure of the opaque panel, including finger hole, onto the plexiglass. I cut the plexiglass with a small saw sanded the edges, and slipped it into the slot where the old one went. Voila! now the cats don;t have to squint one eye at a time for the view outside at ground level - you know in case those nasty squirrels, raccoons, opossums or neighbor cats are slinking around in their yard, or better yet - some birds (chitter chitter).
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