Family values and its role in society development of an individual

@SHINE333 (1284)
February 23, 2007 2:42am CST
Each individual has his own role in a society the family is the backbone were the individual gets a social touch. How to like in the limitations provided to him and how to be in rule of the society. any opinions
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• India
23 Feb 07
ohh! good, limitaion is maintain with presonal things with sister or brother also but with friends also some limitation at family issuses dont tell to friends also
• Romania
23 Feb 07
i thinck family have the important role becouse an idividual learn to behaive in the way that they see in their family in the way that they are raiced.But sometimes friend's and problems macke them change and macke them tacke their decizion.That depend's on individual and on the problems that they meet.