do you think that your a talented/gifted person?

February 23, 2007 3:10am CST
if you think that your a gifted person,what are your talents?
4 responses
@kpbhuvana (392)
• India
23 Feb 07
i think every one considers himself as a talented person, No two individual would have the same talent as the other. Everyone has their own individuality. And every one should definitly think that they are a god gifted person.
@chaime (1153)
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
oh yes I am. I can sing, I can dance, I can draw (mostly portrait sketching) I make a mean pasta, I love to write poems and I can practically make anything from scratch. I made a bag out of old coloring book covers. Made a table out of scrap wood. Things like that. What do you think?
@Fishish (697)
• India
23 Feb 07
i think everyone is gifted,me included and also that no one is superior or inferior to another. we are all the same, no matter what, in terms of talents. if one can write well he other can draw, if one can sing well the other can dance, but there are some who do not nurture their talents:)
@mujjji89 (28)
• Pakistan
23 Feb 07
yes i m a gifted person, god had given me good talent i m a fashion designer n i earned a lott in a short span of life . and one thing i will tell u is dat i had not done any course or classes for fashion designing but from my own creativity i had done dats wat i say its a god gift .