is fertility treatment ICSI is legal?

@barish (132)
February 23, 2007 6:59am CST
I would like to know about the fertility treatment ICSI (Test Tube Baby) is legal?
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• Singapore
23 Feb 07
Yes it's legal in most countries. Regards, Edmund Ng
23 Feb 07
Well yes, in the UK ICSI is legal, and is offered as part of a package of IVF treatments available. ICSI is a method of injecting a sperm directly into the egg, and is therefore of use to couples where the mans sperm is the primary reason for difficulty in conceiving. As you probably know, sperm must be vigourous as they swim to the egg and one or more penetrate the egg itself. ICSI is therefore a process requiring microscopes and delecate hands as the sperm is injected directly into the egg prior to being inserted back into the womb. IVF is where the woman's eggs are the issue, and therefore in an IVF procedure an egg may be placed in the womb ready for normal fertilisation. IVF in all forms, is expensive, and whilst some patients may be funded by state health services, this will usually be on a basis whereby patients fall into specific criteria, such as age, possibility of success. If unsuccesful, patients will likely have to pay if they want to continue to try and conceive.
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
Yes, it is. It is not much of an issue if the move one person makes is toward supporting life or the coming of it. This is what having test tube babies is gearing towards, supporting the coming up of a life... an offspring. It is noticeable that only few among those who cannot normally conceive, make use of this technology. The answer is simple. It is a very expensive process aside from being quite a delicate one.