Getting Hooked

@orcanut (146)
February 23, 2007 7:24am CST
I joined myLot 4 days ago - not to get rich, not to get anything really except a venue to voice my opinions, share my thoughts and feelings etc. I was so excited posting away the first day, which is no easy feat since I have dial-up. Now, fast forward 24 hours and I get my first earnings update - wait for it, a whopping 53 cents for 15 posts! Everyone said that was soooo good and to keep it up. I had no idea what I was doing to earn 3.5 cents per posts but you bet I was gonna try - might even get me a cup of coffee by the end of the week if I keep it up!But now I am not sure I'll even get the cream for the coffee - if I do the math, (which I really shouldn't because I suck at math), after posting away, and fast forwarding another 24 hours, BANG - I made 4.5 cents each for my next 13 posts! Now I have a total of 1.12!! YIPPEE for me.... Until today that is, talk about a blow to ones self esteem! I was really expecting to double my points. For you see, I look at this as a game to better my score on, but here when I thought I was being my same insightful, helpful, supportive, witty and courtious self, they WHACK me with a drop to 2.9 cents per post - I think. Maybe my math is skewed and someone can help me figure this out! Were my posting poorer in quality? I had 16 more posts yesterday, for a total of 44 when they updated. I only started two discussions yesterday, is that why? no one was responding to the ones I posted the day before so I spent my time responding to others postings and checking discussions to my responses. I am not asking for the trade secrets to the algorithm, just wonder what I did wrong to drop in standing.
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
2 Mar 07
Wow, you've really put a lot of thought into this. I've never taken the time to keep up with how many posts I made in a day, and then figure out how much I made for each. I really just came here because I enjoy talking on forums, and I met some nice people here right away. The money is a good bonus, but I've never looked into it that much. That said, I do average about $1 a day. I usually only respond to posts that really interest me, and that I have a lot to say about, although once in a while I will reply to a simpler discussion if it was started by one of my friends. Overall I just try to be nice, informative, and helpful, though many of the topics I discuss are fairly controversial. =p It does sound like you're doing a good job, but I'm not sure what could account for the drop in earnings.
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