Are female clever than Male???

@qiuqin (10)
February 23, 2007 7:27am CST
why Local university in malaysian female more than male . Any probleum happen with male student in education??? what your opinion
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@meiling (28)
• Malaysia
23 Feb 07
I noticed that there is more female compared to male in the university I studied 7 years ago. If I'm not wrong, the ratio was then 7:3. It was also a joke that if you could find a boyfriend in university, you must be the cream of the crop as there were very few guys. In my opinion, there is a possibility that a lot of families (chinese, indians, malays & others) probably favors their sons & give them an opportunity to study overseas rather than locally. There is a myth that those who studies overseas fares better than those who are locally educated - which is very untrue!! Daughters on the other hand, will be married off and possibly be dependant on their husbands, therefore there is no need for them to pursue their education overseas. I see that Chinese families tend to place more importance in their sons - therefore they get the priority to study overseas, while their daughters goes to a local university. Just my opinion...
@qiuqin (10)
• Malaysia
11 Mar 07
I not totally agree with your opinion. You mention that, most parents tends to sent their sons study at oversea, but study at oversivehem are super expensive, most average family in Malaysian are not afford to pay education fees, so how they let their son study at oversea? In my opinion, fewer male student in local University in Malaysian are thier personality problem and the way family guide them. Are u agree????