i am frustrated that i am not getting what i want....

@kernel (192)
February 23, 2007 8:32am CST
i started a topic on the aussies slide in cricket in recent times only two days ago and i got nearly twenty responses ...all of them quality ones i expected to get 30-40 cents but in the end i got only 10 cents .....i asked my friend about this and he told me that you have to be online when you get your responses ..it was true that i was not online for almost 15 responses ...but is it true ????do you get money only for times when you are online ???????or is there some other reason please tell me ...i am really worried about this fact
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@pawanyv (226)
• India
23 Feb 07
Dont worry abt the bugs that u r recieving from the mylot. This was given for ur work in mylot.... It doesnot depends on whether u r online or not. But the fact is.... U have to be more descriptive in responding to the discussions. That helps u to earn more rather than the discussions u start. Also when u start a discussion u shud add some comment to eacn responce which ll help u to add ur discussion to recent discussions. That means that some other person may view recent discussions and there me be possibility that he may post u responce if he likes... So keep posting good , desriptive responces to the discussions from ur intrest then u can earn more... Happy earnings
@072006 (1279)
• India
23 Feb 07
hey friend, welcome to mylot first...well i dont think so that for getting paid you need to be online all that time, its not true, how much they pays, the answer is not actually any precise amount, infact how much they are paying you, is all depends on how quality response you are posting to discussions here, just keep seraching good discussions in your interests and post your reply only when you know something baout those discussions, strictly avoid one liner posts, keep uploading photos which boosts your earning, i hardly spends one or two hours in mylot, and keep searching good discussions to reply, morever i upload photos too, so i can make around $1 in a day, best luck to you and happy earning!!!