What is absolute truth?

Melbourne, Florida
February 23, 2007 9:23am CST
Which is the absolute truth? "No man possesses the absolute truth nor is it contained in any book. That divine clarity, the omnipotent power; that infinite love, the absolute wisdom; that perfect justice, is in God. He is the only truth. The Third Testament It is that simple... Sure, there are people who are at fight with the word "God"... apparently, it would seem that these people would not have the least complaint if that same concept or notion had another word as a reference: The Being, Supreme Being, Architect of the Universe, Cause of Causes, etc. At the end we all are talking about the same being, all love, all perfection; we, the followers of this Doctrine, prefer to call him Father, as Jesus used to. Human science itself has evolved to the degree of having quantum physicists saying now that everything starts and ends with something intangible, undefinible and incomprehensible, an idea that generated everything... absolutely everything. And who would have guessed? To illustrate their mathematical concepts, some of them like to refer to it as Alpha and Omega! Just as John's Book of Revelation or Apocalypse! In the interesting documentary film "What the Bleep?", various physicists mathematicians affirm that when you reach the last instance of the subatomic, you'll only find there the idea... there is no substance, no matter, no energy, only an idea. And that idea comes from God (or Being, or Supreme Being, etc.)... and we know that God, by definition, is love. Man tries to explain this absolute in vain... it remains to be a futile task to try to understand the incomprehensible. "Truly I say to you, that My power, My wisdom and love surpasses all that the human mind can ever imagine, for all that is beyond what you know and what you will ever know." The Third Testament
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@CatEyes (2449)
• United States
27 Feb 07
Very well put and thought out. I feel that those who try to explain away God from their lives and there for our and trying to be in control when they really have none. It is rather frightening to them when they realize that they can not control every thing about themselves much less objects and others around them. I know many who do not believe in God and question me all of the time and try to convince me that He does not exist. It does not work with me, I am able to refute everything they say and it just boggles their minds. I know Jesus speaks through me during those time, for I know I surely could not have explained it as well on my own.