reincarnation & karma

Melbourne, Florida
February 23, 2007 9:46am CST
"How very important it is that this Humanity comes to acquire the knowledge of what spiritual restitution signifies, so that knowing that the spirit bears a past that only God knows, will accept with love, patience, respect, and even joy, the chalice of bitterness, realizing that it is cleansing past or present blemishes, and is settling accounts and attaining merits with regard to the Law!" "The existence of a man on Earth is only an instant in eternity, a breath of life which animates the human being for a time, and later it separates in order to animate a new body." "The development of the powers of the spirit is lengthy, so much so, that one physical body is not enough for him, nor is only one existence on Earth sufficient. However, My providence, which is in everything, is preparing new bodies for each spirit, where he will continue his development, aiding in his perfection, in order to reach the place destined for him." "The physical body is only the temporary garment of the spirit, which the latter changes as many times as necessary for his experience, his evolution, or expiation. One who still does not understand this law of Divine Justice, is a beginner."
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• Nigeria
23 Feb 07
I do not believe in anything that is conceted with reincarnation or past lives. However when it comes to Karma I do believe in it, but from a psychological point of view rather then spiritual one. I know from first hand that when a person is happy with themselves, good things would happened to him because he would see anything as good. and when a person in happy with himself, he'd only see the bad things the happened to them. Almost all of my life i had volunteered for something, and for two years I'm doing a voluntary civil services in schools. I think good things are happening to me now not as a paycheck for all the good I am doing, but because I'm happpy with myself I take most of the things that are been thrown my way as positive. That's Karma to me...
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