The True Meaning of Life

Melbourne, Florida
February 23, 2007 9:52am CST
Living and learning... Human life is much more than a simple sum of chemical elements and diverse energies working in multiple ways; all that amazing machinery that materialists can not fully explain even to themselves, has a meaning that goes far beyond a simple functioning. "What is a matter without the spirit? A whole of inanimate cells. The spirit is the life of the matter, but one and the other come from God. "It is necessary for you to know the meaning of this life, so that you may take from it its essence and reach its harmony, which is the basis of human perfection, in order for you to pass on to a superior plane, until you reach the spiritual life, where I have kept for you so many lessons that I must show you, and so many revelations that I still must give you." "No matter how pure the life of man on Earth may be, this planet can never be the eternal mansion for the spirit. He who so believes, will have erroneously interpreted My Word, or is ignoring the true meaning of life." By comprehending the true meaning of our human life, we will be able to value it fully for all that it is worth, though always keeping in mind that its true finality is to prepare us por something superior: the true life of the spirit. And once again, brothers, let us live and let us continue on learning... All quotes taken from The Third Testament
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