Who is higher SPIRITUALLY ? Shankaracharya , Pope , Sahi Imam or Bill Gates ?

February 23, 2007 9:54am CST
I put the three Shankaracharya , Pope , Sahi Imam who heads their respective religious rorganisation on one side and Bil Gates who has dedicated 90% of his lifetime earnings for the physical and intellectual welbeing of human being . Now I want to know - in your opinion whom do you place at higher position in the SCALE of SPIRITUALITY ?
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@mobyfriend (1019)
• Netherlands
23 Feb 07
I have no idea who the 3 S's are but I would say Bill Gates. By looking after he physical and intellectual wellbeing of human beings he has lifted their spirits.
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• India
26 Apr 11
pope and sahi imam are more of political in nature eventhough they have put the religious clothes. most of their actions are political in nature, including the so called religious teachings which speaks the language of politics. that way pope and the imams are simply political ideologists. bill gates is a business man. he may have dedicated 90% of his lifetime's earnings to welfare of human beings. but he is still a man chasing profits and money, pushing his employees to the edge for maximisation of profits. Sankaracharya is a man of knowledge. his outlook is entirely different. he is a man looking inwards. to know truth was his only aim. there are four monasteries founded by Sankaracharya and they are doing equally good social work, which are not publiced in the media unlike the other three mentioned above. politics, materialism and truth - which is greater? Obviously Truth.
@kryacek (72)
• Singapore
24 Feb 07
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