Is it too late for him?

February 23, 2007 9:55am CST
hi this is the story of one of my neighbour and school mate.when he told this tears were coming out of his eyes.this made me to think and discuss it here. He had a girl friend and there relation broke up on last monday. what he tells is that his girl friend tried to break up with him three weeks ago.back then he didn't know what to do and it was just before his exams,so he told her not to do it before the exams.She did'nt and she said back then she still had some feeling for him even though the reason for breaking up was that she has lost the feeling. This time around,she says she has completely lost the feeling .Is it too late to win her back now?My friend is thinking of trying NC but would that be just making himself feel better? What are the chances of rekinndling the feeling in her? When she said she lost her feelings three weeks ago,she said she has some feelings still and was willing to try.But in that time,both were busy and he demanded for time together so that he could work things out.It was wrong of him but he was afraid of losing her so he wanted to spend more time to help her find the feelings more.However,it only made her dread meeting him feel burdened by the relationship.It made her lose the bit of feelings that were still sprouting. please help him out to regain her feelings for him..I know this guy is so good and charming but the way he lives now is making me a lot of him.
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@cosylvia (401)
• China
12 Dec 07
i dong know how to help him out of that mess ,but i know he is so love his girl friends,it seems that the girl love him less than he love her...coz several days ago i told broken relationship with EXBF,,he maybe is according to my willing,so i think he dont love me so deeply ..
@Mitzi72 (20)
• United States
28 Feb 07
He needs to talk to her to see if there is a chance. What caused her to lose feelings? Was there a reason that could be addressed or is it just over? These are questions that need answers. My ex-husband killed all the feeelings I had for him slowly over time with me telling him. It does happen. He needs to know why before he can try to fix it. If it is over just be there to help him through it, but you can't force someone to love another.
• Pakistan
23 Feb 07
hi how r you. whats going in life wanna to have a friendship with both of you tell about y asl and your planning thanks
• India
23 Feb 07
i think it's good for him...if that gal cant understand his true love...then ask her to go to hell.... i think that gal will breakup with him some other time even if they get together my advice to the guy is to try to forget's difficult....but ther's no other go...there no point in hanging on to a relation........