Where Do Many of Our Ideas Come From

Melbourne, Florida
February 23, 2007 10:02am CST
How does the spiritual communication work in us? The spiritual communication happens at every moment of our life, ideas are constantly arriving to us: To begin something, to finish something, to get closer to someone, to go some place, etc. Those ideas are, in principle, the essence of the spiritual communication. First arrives one idea, then the other and so forth; we can receive, through inspiration, complete and new masterful teachings never heard before, as well as intuitions, analysis, prophetic dreams, counsels, prophecies, spiritual and meaningful sightings; in a word, elevate us over our material smallness and go further into the world of spiritual apprenticeship. The spiritual communication is, without a doubt, the most important of all spiritual gifts, the most needed; it is, if you will, a fundamental gift. From there, all the other gifts begin, for from the communication with the higher regions, everything originates. From where do that ideas come from? The most important is not from where do they come, but rather from whom. As we know, ideas come to us all the time. Of course, there are good ideas and there are bad; the good ideas exhort us to do good, to work in just causes, to mend our ways, to forgive offenses, in one word, to manifest our virtues. However, into our thoughts there also sneak stealthy bad ideas, negative attitudes, apathy, laziness, anger, sadness, things that make us go astray. It is easy to see that the good ideas come from elevated spirits of light, and the bad ideas come from spirits that are confused or come from out own materiality and that of the world in which we live in. The elevated spirits do not come into our life without being previously invited; that is, they are respectful and they only talk to us if we ask them to, or when is imperative to prevent us from an imminent and present danger. The spirits in confusion, on the contrary, do not wait to be invited, they invade, they just burst in and they do not do it for our good or well-being but rather because of their disturbance or to satisfy a lower passion. How can we tell when that which we have perceived, comes from the heights or, on the contrary, it comes from confusion or from our own inner noise and our human materialistic tendencies? With the spiritual analysis, my brothers, with a careful and honest examination of whatever we hace received, looking for its light, its teaching, its elevation and its truth; if we find this in it, it means that it comes from the high regions of the spirit. If, adversely, it lacks of this, we must be in the alert in order to separate the straw from the wheat, and tares from the true nourishment. It is because of this, that we should always have in mind the wise counsel of our Heavenly Father: "Be watchful and pray".
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@silverlou (372)
23 Feb 07
You write beautifully and I enjoyed reading your post.