women do less housework?

February 23, 2007 11:06am CST
If you haven't cleaned the bath, then the chance of someone else unexpectedly doing so is close to nil. But if you assume that moving in with a loved one will improve this, then think again - especially if you are female. A new study has found that employed women living with their employed partner actually spend more time doing housework than single women. The men, on the other hand see the hours they commit to housework decline once they begin living as a couple. The findings come from analysis by labour economist Helene Couprie of Toulouse University. Her research, based on data from the British Household Panel Survey looked at working women - single or living with a partner, both with and without children. And by examining information on more than 2,000 people, she concluded that on average, an employed woman does 15 hours a week of housework when she lives with her employed partner, up from 10 hours when single. So at home who do more housework? i don't do so much hosework(i'm a man :)
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23 Feb 07
I do all the house work and I am a women. My husband and I both work and I still do all the house work. he just don't know how to clean. If he does clean something then I usually have to go back over it.