February 23, 2007 12:06pm CST
The European version of Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) console will not play as many old games as American and Japanese models, Sony has announced. Gamers who already own PlayStation 2 (PS2) and PlayStation (PS) games may find they will not work on the long-awaited, new console. The European PS3 has a different design to the Japanese and American consoles, which went on sale in November. The PS3 is due to go sale in Europe on 23 March. The console was supposed to be "backwards compatible", meaning all older PS and PS2 games should work on the new console. But the European PS3 utilises a new combination of hardware and software emulation in which software takes over some of the functionality that was previously taken care of by dedicated chips. This means that while European gamers will be able to play a wide range of original PlayStation titles on the PS3, there will be a limited number of PS2 games that will be compatible with the new console. are you ungry with sony?
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• United States
24 Feb 07
im most likly not to buy it.IM not gonna spend $600 of my money to play games.To me it is a waste of money.But Buying a ps2 for lets say $120 isnt bad it is much better then paying $600
@invasion (20)
• Greece
23 Feb 07
Yes i have just read an article about this.. now it is software emulation only and they have removed the dedicated chips..and even stranger is that they are doing this to save money and yet the console is set to be more expensive in europe than its american counterpart..this kind of sucks but at the same time would you really play all that many ps2 games when you have all these new shiny ps3 games? i know i have never played a ps1 game on my ps2.. On the other hand the xbox 360 also relies mainly on software emulation and at the beginning many of the games did not work but bit by bit microsoft are releasing software patches to enable all the older games.I have always been a sony supporter up until now and i was always planning on getting a ps3 when it is released here in europe but tbh i am beginning to have second thoughts.. there are many reports surfacing that the cost to develop a ps3 game is twice that of an xbox 360 game and the audience for the ps3 is far smaller than that for the xbox.. as such developers are backing away from the ps3 and concentrating on the xbox 360.. many of the games that will eventually be released on ps3 will be xbox ports and not dedicated games.. sony are making massive losses on the ps3 console and many are saying it will be the companies downfall.. maybe many people will see this cost saving technique as very very bad and end up boycotting sony? who knows? I would not say i am angry at sony but tbh i think they have made a big mistake putting all these high end components into the ps3 only for it to be outsold by its 2 competitors.. i do not see the ps3 becoming quite so mainstream as the ps2 at least not within the next year..