UK Taxes .. Is there any point in paying them?

February 23, 2007 2:16pm CST
In all fairness, have you seen the state of some roads? and the way some council people act? For instance, the weekly bin men round here will not take and empty the bin if the lid is slightly up due to alot of rubbish inside of the bin, half the time they don't even bother to come and collect the bin! We've complained numerous times and they simply will not accept that they have employed some idiots! ... Another issue in the UK is that they are talking about charging people per bin bag that is in the "wheelie bin" or "trash can" outdoors.... surely this will result in fly-tipping and causing alot more rubbish to be around the area!? The latest biggest talk about things is that everyones car will be fitted with a little black box to which every mile people will put in 1GBP approx $2 .... now why would we want to pay even more? why would we even want a stupid little black box inside of our cars? don't we pay enough for inflation tax, council tax, mot certificates, car/bike tax, VAT on all purchases... and about a million other things! .. I find this greedy, but thats the government for you!
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