annoying neighbour

February 23, 2007 2:30pm CST
I live in a flatm, in the first floor, and I have had the bad luck to have an annoying neighbor in the upper flat. He does not care about the noise in the evening. I am not sure what kind of living he has, but every night the noise he produces moving chairs, talking very loud, having bath that more seems to be a swim contest than a simple bath, and so on. I would appreciate some pieces of advice about how to handle this upset situation. I mean: how to let him know that his style of life is disturbing mine. I have three children, you kno. Thank you very much
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@vityota (878)
• India
23 Feb 07
i have a very annoying neighbour and unfortunately its my house owner also.. he always gets drunk and creates a huge fuss and he behaves stupidly.. he says we should not have guests after ten in the night and we should not talk loudly in the night and he always irritates us when we go for our work or come back from work
• Spain
23 Feb 07
Have you found any way to address this sort of problem?. I always think that the best thing would be to talk to him an speak crystal clear about my concern, but the fear of his reaction always make me quit that idea. What do you think about that? Thanks
• Spain
25 Feb 07
I think the best way to address this sort of problem is to go straightforwardly to him and say what you really think, with candor and honesty. Perhaps he donĀ“t know what he causes to others, and nothing better that make him aware of that.