@UPLANA (3160)
October 14, 2006 1:44pm CST
The "5 second rule" is when any food falls to the ground, it is safe to eat if it is picked off the ground in five seconds or less. Have you heard of this "rule" before? If you follow this rule, I am going to explain why you should not follow this rule. There is more to consider than how much food is contaminated then the time. Things that are important to consider are the shape of the food, moisture, temperature, acidity, and place food landed. Also, if you have ever seen the show Mythbusters, this "rule" was BUSTED. The Mythbuster hosts took bacteria samples from multiple locations. They let the food stay on the ground for both 2 seconds and 6 seconds. The results were that the number of bacteria colonies on the food was similar for both the 2 seconds and 6 seconds. Again, what influenced the bacteria growth more (when the food fell to the ground) was the amount of moisture in the food, shape, temperature, acidity, and where the food landed on the ground. Again, if you follow this rule... I recommend that you do not believe this rule and simply just throw out your food when it falls to the ground.
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@britishyip (1614)
• India
14 Oct 06
thanks a lot for gr8 info..