Should Jim Morrison have been a star?

February 23, 2007 2:46pm CST
It's a point raised in The Oliver Stone film by Jim Morrison's girl friend, she says "You're a poet not a rock star". It occurred to me maybe his life would have been longer if he hadn't got so famous so young and had just been a poet of moderate fame. I think fame ruined him and led to his early death in a way, what are your thoughts on the subject?
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• United States
21 May 07
I think Jim Morrison, was a great poet and a great rock star, that in itself would make anyone eccentric. Then again, he might not have been a great rock star, if he wasn't a poet. Fame does a lot of different things to people and l think it always comes with a price.
22 May 07
If he hadn't been the man he was he wouldn't have written such strange and beautiful lyrics a shame he took it to excess that's all.
@Lardiel (280)
• Romania
24 Feb 07
probably fame has ruined his life. maybe he would of ruined it himself anyhow. but he did say that his philosophy in life is to life his life at the fullest, die young and leave behind a nice looking corpse. i thinked he liked his life just that way it has been. and if so, who are we to say otherwise?
@Darkwing (21588)
22 May 07
Yes, he was a poet, and indeed a bit of a philosopher, but I daresay he had a great love of music, and therefore, liked to put his lyrics to music and sing them. I don't think he should have refrained from becoming a rock star... I think Jim Morrison and Doors were great!