Who will rule the future: Right brainers or the Left brainers?

February 23, 2007 3:12pm CST
I have just read an article about right and left brainers. Right brainers are those who are more inclined with creativity, music, arts and wholistic reasoning since the right hemisphere of the brain emphasizes the artistic ability, musical stimuli and facial perception of the person. In contrast, left brainers are the ones who possess more on the anaytical and mathematical aspects of the brain. They are aslo more on the linear reasoning functions of language such as grammar and word production. I have gone through a test and the result showed that I am 55% right brainer and 45% left brainer. So which are you? ANd who do you think will contribute much to the future? Will that be the right brainers or the left brainers?
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@pinknic (307)
23 Feb 07
I always thought they I was a lot more left brained than right brained. But I did a test that said I was 55% Left brained and 45% right brained. So it's true that I'm more left brained, but only slightly. It's pretty even! I think both right and left brainers will contribute a lot to the future as all of these skills and traits are useful to have, and different people have different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore everyone is just as important as each other!
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