Where do you want to go??

@myjack (132)
February 23, 2007 9:23pm CST
Now,if you have a right to visit any place in the world you want to ,but you have only one option,which place do you want to visit,and why??
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• Philippines
28 Feb 07
I hope if by luck this will really happen, I could bring with me my girlfriend. I want us to go to Paris and enjoy every romantic places they have there and we would surely treasure every memories we'll make on that visit... i hope that would come true.. lol
@myjack (132)
• China
1 Mar 07
Wow,it must be very honey and romantic,I hope your dream could come ture.Best luck...
@Sailor (1161)
• United States
25 Feb 07
I would like to go back to the Phillipines becuase when I went there the first time I didn't get to enjoy everything. I also would like to go to China and see where the Japanese had my Grandfater held as a P.O.W.
@myjack (132)
• China
26 Feb 07
Well,when you visit somewhere,it's natural that you can't visit every place because of limited time or expenditure.So just enjoy where you have done,I think that will make you happier in the journey. PS:Welcome to China.
• India
24 Feb 07
If I get a chance like that I think It would be rather a luck .Any way in my dreams I likes to fly to Bermuda triangle.I have heard many stories about the mystery their but couldnt confirm any one and these all made me curious to visit the place.I don't know whether a plane service will fly through the area or a shi will pass through.But still I want to swim their.
@myjack (132)
• China
24 Feb 07
wow,I think you are very brave.I also heard some mysteries about Bermuda triangle,a lot of planes and ships disappeared there without any reason.I hope your dream could come ture!
• China
30 May 09
Well,i've been expecting that i could have the chance to go to the Netherlands for a long time. Because i really want to see the beautifull windmill and tulip there.
3 Jan 08
myjack,i'm glad be your friend in my lot.this is my first respond in my lot.if i have the chioce,i want go to Maldives.because i want to see the most beautiful sea in the world.now i am in taiyuan of china.there is very dry,i like to see some diferent place in the world.