which is better paypal or egold account, how does each work?

@yogiraut (230)
February 24, 2007 1:42am CST
hi friends, soon i will be eligible for payment from mylot. Now can u plz guide which is better paypal or egold for receiving payment. Thanks in advance
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@catch_me (930)
• India
24 Feb 07
Paypal is just regular money. You can transfer directly from a credit card to it in dollars or dinars or yen or whatever. Egold is allegedly gold based. You are allegedly trading ounces of gold. Therefore, your balance fluctuates based on the price of gold. You cannot just put dollars in your account, you have to use a gold exchanger. You pay the exchange dollars, they deposit gold in your account, for a fee. Then when you want to withdraw, you have to exchange back, again for a fee. One exchange does let you use Egold to buy real gold bullion coins. In general, the exchanging is a pain in the butt. However, some online earning sites only take egold. This is either because the site is against Paypal's TOS or they have had problems with paypal in the past. So it depends on what you need it for which is best.
@yogiraut (230)
• India
13 Mar 07
in india.do u think paypal is good.
• Canada
4 Apr 07
I do not know how eGold works, but I have been using PayPal for quite a few years now, and it works brilliantly. PayPal is basically a "go between" between people and bank accounts. If you were going to send money to someone in Canada, for example, you would e-mail it to their paypal acount, and then it would be up them to put it in the bank. Same if someone wanted to send you money. It works just like a bank transfer.