have u ever been rejected for a job? or an interview gone wrong??

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@Fishish (697)
February 24, 2007 2:02am CST
i have had a terrible experience. it was my first job interview and there were some 7-8 people in the room all ready to unnerve adn ask the toughest question to impress their senior. i was so raw then and i took it so casually, esp when i realised that i was not going to make it. i was just not interested in answering the questions which they were sooo eager to ask. i almost wanted to walk out...have u had some bad experiences with interviews??
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• Bulgaria
24 Feb 07
I had interview once and I was chosen, but I have been rejected before that, the funniest excuse was that the job is only for woman(data entry in a computer). I hope you do well in your next try ! Good luck!
@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
24 Feb 07
Oh I think nearly everybody has been rejected for a job before, I was rejected due to I was over qualified how about that!! No I have never had any other problems with being interviewed for a job as they could see all my qualifications in front of them.
• Bulgaria
24 Feb 07
hahaha, over qualified, that is funnier than my rejection :), may be its better that you didnt get that job since you can get a better!
@chaime (1153)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
hahaha. Oh yeah, sometimes it's the nerves that generally does it for me. Sometimes the interviewer throws a curve, like an unexpected question that makes my mind go blank. It might even be a distraction, like a runned stockings or seeing an old friend outside of the office, or an old flame actually working for the company you're applying for. It's weird though, just when I thought I wouldn't be accepted for a job, there was this one time when I already gave up then I got the call for the final interview. LOL
• India
25 Feb 07
i was shorlisted for the final round twice, out of 300 candidates, but then got rejected at last.no, its not that the interview went wrong. they said i lacked experience!
24 Feb 07
I have had some bad intereviews in my time, yes. I think the best thing to do when you have an experience like this is to think about what you did wrong and try to improve on it ready for next time. It is difficult sometimes to do that, but it is always better to try to bring something postive out of an ordeal like that.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
24 Feb 07
I have had two bad job interviews, the two first i ever had. The first one was really uncomfortable. They were three people aking my why on earth i thought this would be the job for me. I was well qualified for it, by the way. they just repeated this over and over, and had no questions about me. I kept my cool and answered nicely, but I decided these were not people i wanted to be my colleges (I did not tell them that). the second interview was quite hard. Four people besides me. They all sat between me and the window. It was a bright, sunny day - there were no lamps on in the room. the result was I just saw their silhouets, not their expressions. I had no idea how I was doing. It was so hard not beeing able to read their reactions to what I was saying. to top it off they poured so much coffee in my cup it almost flooded. i did not dare try to lift it, as I was not going to spill something and make myself look like a clutz.
• India
24 Feb 07
that was good. ha ha ha. lol. i have been rejected twice but unlike u i did not kno wtill it was over,.. it feels bad initially but its ok later. no wi can even laugh at it...