Do you sometimes really forget where you are?

February 24, 2007 2:08am CST
I can... make myself forget where I am. When I concentrate on a point in space and just think about something else than where I am. It's very... weird. It's not neccesarely in your own will, but do you sometimes forget where you are?
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@Squash88 (91)
• Philippines
24 Feb 07
Yes I do. It has happened to me much often when I was younger. It happens also if I'm new to a place, like a hotel or a dorm or a friend's house. It will take me few minutes before remembering where I was. REcently I was just sleeping in my own bed, I knew where I was but I forgot what time of the day it was. I thought it was early morning since it was dark. Turns out it was about 6p.m. and i just dozed off after work. took me a while to actually remember. Creepy, huh?
• Bulgaria
24 Feb 07
The first thing is... strange. Possibly dangerous. But the second I've experienced many times. I wake up at 2am and think it's about 7am. Very weird. And it takes time to remember. But that's because I'm sleeping. Can you explain more about the first?