February 24, 2007 2:40am CST
My head is quite dizzle with this site..www.edatajob.com..I had read a lot about this site,I know that some of mylotters had registered on this site and they had been discussed about this site.hmm.. Actually I don't really understand how does the system work.I heard that,after sign up,you need to choose company to work with and entering data for that company and wait for the commissions if someone buy through your link(advertisement).BUT I also heard that,we need to pay 10 cent for each time the customer click on our link.That mean,I need to get more money to pay for each clicks.Am I right?What about free coupun $175 from our referal?When do we use that coupons?And one more things,just enter the data right?as what can be seen from the website..Is that all?Is that all I need to do?Help me,I don't really understand how the system work..and how does they got so much money to pay us. Can somebody out there give me good advise or sugestion what should I do..sign up or not?$47 to sign up.
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