what do you like about the characters at st.elmo's fire

February 24, 2007 3:05am CST
I really like the movie st. elmo's fire. I remember it was a movie in the 80's and there starred the brat pack andrew mccarthy, demi moore, rob lowe, alley sheedy, jude nelson ... it is a story of seven friends and what life they have after college. What characters portrayal do you like in st. elmo's fire movie. Maybe you see your self in his/her shoe in somepart of your life, i wanna know it....
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@sunnypub (2130)
• United States
24 Feb 07
I Love that movie. I think it is a great show of how relationships change once you get out into the real world. My favorite character was Billy (Rob Lowe). He is so sexy, and bad, and he played the saxaphone, and I think he is the one who matured the most throughout the movie. Of course he was the one who most needed to mature, I mean he had the farthest to go. It really is a great movie, the dialogue was terrific, the characters were diverse yet ineresting, and the stories in each of thier lives were so real. All in all I think everyone should watch it. BugadaBugadaBugada HA HA HA
• Philippines
24 Feb 07
oh yeah...the bugadabugada thing is what i do like most. thats when they the mens room, rob lowe is again flirting with someone isnt it. or correct me. you know i do have a dvd copy and i watch it when i missed andrew mccarthy's baby face... the dialogue is terrific, i agree with you. and your right it was so real. you know my father says, he seen himself of rob lowe's character, he is also in line with music, and but he is a drummer of the unfamous band twenty houndred years ago. he has no stable job and has one daughther, you know like what happen to rob lowe in the film. but rob lowe is much handsome than my father..well that's it. Anyway..my father found a job after twenty houndred years...hope you get it.