Pollution !!!!!! is this what we want for our future

February 24, 2007 3:24am CST
pollution is it good? We are destroying our planet with a slow death, is it wat we want for our earth? Millions of people suffer because of pollution. and now the greatest of all climatical change and global warming. Is this wat we want for our future by polluting our environment for our day to day needs. Is this right? Is this what we want?
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@gharinder (2044)
• India
25 Feb 07
you will be suprised to know dark dragons that even our very existence is in danger, some people are really unaware of the situation and still others who tries to overlook their duties by saying that's too late, and other's dont even care about it .you know these are the commonest responses you will read on mylot, indeed i was really shocked to read such responses. of course pollution has become a part of our life , and today switching to non renewable sources is the need of the hr and trying very best to reduce pollution