@dpk262006 (56558)
Delhi, India
February 24, 2007 3:33am CST
Which of the cooked vegetables do you dislike most? Name the vegetable which you would not like to eat even if you are paid for eating the same.
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• United States
2 Mar 07
I love almost all vegetables so I'm not real picky but I will NOT eat cooked Spinach. I like fresh spinach in my salads but cooked spinach just looks and smells disgusting to me. I have tried collard greens and I hated them - I imagine cooked spinach is very similar in taste and texture. I like my vegetables to be firm not mushy or stringy or wilted. Anything else I will pretty much eat but keep the cooked leaves to yourself! :]
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@dpk262006 (56558)
• Delhi, India
3 Mar 07
Thanks very much for your response. So you do not like spinach? But it is said it is one of the best source of iron. Incidentally, I also do not like it much.
@kagandahan (1327)
• Philippines
24 Feb 07
if bittergourd is really bitter,then i won't eat it.i love eating veggies,not a picky eater.before,when i was a kid , i would resist eating pumpkin,but now,i even make pumpkin soup.
@dpk262006 (56558)
• Delhi, India
25 Feb 07
Kagandahan, Thanks very much for the response.
@agrim94 (3811)
• India
21 Mar 11
Hi dpk, Since i have been living away from home for some years now so i know the value of home cooked food and thus i now eat everything which mom makes for me when i am home . But despite all this i still dont like few vegetables but there is no vegetable i wont eat ( provided it is edible) if i am paid my price The once i do not like are 1) Bitterguard 2) Brinjals or eggplant. 3) lady finger 4) Indian Baby pumpkin ( Tinda) 5)Bottle guard ( ghiya) These are my top 5 vegetables i dont like but i can eat them .