is the first impression always the last impression!!!!!

February 24, 2007 5:34am CST
the first impression is not always the last impression ,as some think! its only the beginning....!people may misjudge you at times but if you stick to your real will soon get noticed. what is your say in this! did you ever feel people wrongly interpreted you or didnt take notice of your work but gradually as time passed came out as a nice person or with good work(interms of profession)and those people whom misjudged you started giving you due importance suddenly!
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• Philippines
24 Feb 07
The first impression is not there to stay. It is usually conceived on how you appeared to them the first time and most persons who become close to you, will never forget it. Impressions change as more time is being shared between two persons. The more lasting ones are formed when they spend together the more challenging moments of their lives. Thus impressions become something like the most reliable one, the most helpful ever I have come across, the most sensible person to ask for an opinion, etc. We will strive in order for persons we hold dear to have some good impressions of us. Always we know that our deficiencies shall be known to them, too, but the good traits must outweigh the bad ones.
• India
24 Feb 07
yes the more you meet ,the more you discover about someone
@cultoffury (1283)
• India
27 Feb 07
First impression is definitely not the last impression, but it is the better impression, in the sense, it sticks onto someone's mind. Unless something happens that drastically changes his views. So it is better if you can make a better impression at the first chance, even otherwise you can change it, with consistent behavior.
@MrCless (15)
• Costa Rica
26 Feb 07
It's not always the "last impression", however it's first impressions are just "normal impressions". What do I mean? It means that a collection of impressions make the "whole" impression we have on someone. Eventually, as months or years pass, those impressions become the actualy way we KNOW someone. It's funny though how sometimes friends do stuff that you wouldn't expect them to do! Of course sometimes they are changing, but most of the time they're just giving you an impression that they had not given you 'til now! So it's important not to judge by first impressions, but it's also important not to judge by LAST impressions. Judge using all impressions :)