can people marry through internet

@ellijah (244)
February 24, 2007 6:54am CST
i have been hearing that two people.a male and female can just know each other in the internet and later on see each other face to face and get marriade.i dont believe this story .is it really through.if yes say something and if no let me know too
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• United States
8 Jun 08
It most certainly does happen. I met my husband online. We met on a social networking site. We chatted online for a while, moved on to phone calls, and then dated for a long time. We married in Feb. 2007. I couldn't be happier. You have to be really careful meeting people online. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd end up marrying a man I met online. But I did...and it's real.
• Philippines
29 Aug 08
...everything will happen, everything will be possible if the HEART will works in mysterious ways...May it be meeting the person personally, through texts or through chatting online...if they will feel that thing called LOVE, everything will be possible...everything will be real...because it's the heart that works.They can feel it .through their vibration if they truly feel love for each other...but one should be responsible for any able to accept whatever may happen..meaning ready to face reality if ever they are not meant for each other..just like personal's just the same with the other way to meet a person and be in LOVE.... _maia_
@tatiana07 (498)
• Philippines
3 Sep 08
yes its true..i met my husband online last dec 2006 he's working abroad at that time..we'v met april 2007 when he took his vacation..we got married aug still we're happily married..(",)
• Italy
7 Mar 07
well i don't know but i am sure i'll never do that!
• Oman
25 Feb 07
yes it happens quite often now. Even when we meet people face to face we have to get to know them first before deciding to marry them. Its not only looks that matter. So through chatting people get to know each other on the net and now with web cameras or just by sending each others photos they can see how the other person looks so why cant they marry if they really like the person. Personally though Id never be able to do it.
@alpha1000 (237)
• Egypt
24 Feb 07
marriage through the internet is real and happens untill now,i did read a strange story before in the newspaper about 2 indian lovers,the girl lives in india but the guy lives in other countery,they knew each other throught the internet and married through the internet also! without meeting!,but in general it all depeneds on the honesty and the real feelings of the couples,as long as these 2 things exist so no problem in falling in love through the internet or anywhere else
• Philippines
24 Feb 07
yes this is true. Many people find lovers here in the internet and get marry. Ofcourse, the should have a long term relationship first before they can get married. Even in text, there are couples now who became lovers because of text. Technologies now are smart huh.
@samson1967 (7422)
• India
24 Feb 07
I had a collegue(female) who was very beautiful. She married to an USA settled Indian, who was also handsome. They met through Yahoo messenger. Not only this there are many couples who married thru internet.