Goverment getting to invloved?

@dbcraff (162)
United States
February 24, 2007 8:46am CST
I believe that here in the U.S. the govt. is getting to involved in out lives. They are trying to tell us what we can eat, what we shoukld teach our children, how to punish our children, what type of guns we are allowed to own and who is allowed to own them, and many more things that I am sure I have forgotten to mention. What happened to our freedom to chose for ourselves? freedom of speach? Freedom of religon? How do you think all these changes came to be?
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• Bulgaria
25 Feb 07
I dont think they tell you what to do. Have you been in a China ? I love that country, but they watch only movies that the country accepts.The same for everything. And btw how would they tell you what to eat? Its the people that make the country, people decide what the country will be.
@carlqu (41)
• China
25 Feb 07
Goverment has the most powerful rights to deside almost everything, they say you are wrong, then you must be wrong and you can say nothing, this is our country, centralizaation is the present situation. But you know, your country's original idea must be good for the people, so compare with us, you should feel better, and trust your goverment!
@lovein (345)
• India
25 Feb 07
It is surprising ! How govt can enter into my home, without my permission. If govt officials are entering into my home, then I want to see such type of law to be enforced on me. It is my wish, not the wish of govt officials. Me my son are country man. If I include my father and mother then my family is government. Can any of my family members do any actions, which any members of my family do not like. No. Thanks
@cuddleme01 (2727)
• Philippines
25 Feb 07
is that so? i am a filipina. There should always be a balance between authority as represented by the government and liberty as guaranteed by the laws on the rights of the citizens. This is the balance needed to avoid abuses of those in power.
@vanities (11387)
• Davao, Philippines
25 Feb 07
im asian..and ive been reading also and hearing news about perception on this country is a freedom loving people and very democratic in the sense of the it really the prize of being freedom loving and ahdering democracy?? although ive heared about laws regarding on children(protection) but not well enough to comment on that sensitive issues at hand..have to research more on that..
@SnIcKasS (1378)
• Israel
25 Feb 07
I believe that too. It makes me angry sometime how people can get involved in our lives so much. so... we need to come up agains it. hmph.
@sharon613 (2323)
• United States
25 Feb 07
You hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, the government has to much power and its been this way over the past fifteen years. Tearing children away from there homes and placing them with strangers is tramitizing not only for the kids but for the parents as well. The government is running more of a business then trying to help where help is needed. years ago, people where more laid back and nothing bothered anyone like where we unfortunatley live in a high faced paced society where people are nothing but rude and arrogant and everyone is out for themselves. It's a sad sad situation.
@rainbow (6763)
24 Feb 07
Hi-ya, as in England we are told it is advice for our won goodm her-her. We are fast turning into a nanny state and are often given any choices in bg decisions as the goverment seems to decide for us, how helpful is that I wonder. I have been trying to sent you a little message for a few days now, but it's not working proplerly, nothing important but thought I 'd just let you know I'm not being rude, just message system is not working properly again, lol.