Just want to make sure before i join another paid to egold,paypal program

February 24, 2007 8:55am CST
Hello, i just join a new paid to search program, called http://www.slashmysearch.com/earn/id/8579. It claimed it will pay you $180 easily in one month, has anyone out there join this program. Just like mylot a paid to discuss program but this program is paid to search program. Tell me what do you think. I think i will spent much much more time infront of the computer searching for stuffs using this new search engine
2 responses
• Canada
25 Feb 07
I have just joined there myself, and i have no idea where to even start! I dont know were to start searching, is there something that we even have to download. Its too confussing for me lol
• Indonesia
24 Mar 07
Thanks for your reply but after one month my slashmysearch account is still 25 cents. I guess we all shouldn't waste our time on websites like that
• Pakistan
25 Feb 07
i think that you shuld join this one. i have heard on another forum that they really do pay.