Is non stick cookware harmless?

February 24, 2007 8:58am CST
I heard from someone that the chemical coating on non stick cookware is harmful for health. However, there seem to be 2 viewpoints. The non stick cookware is so easy and helpful while cooking. So I use it. what is your view. Is it harmful or harmless?
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@jakesmum (154)
• Australia
8 Apr 08
I think you'd have to scrape off the coating and eat it before it was bad for you. Millions of people have eaten food cooked like this for heaps of years. I wouldn't worry about it.
@eagle_f15 (2054)
• Malaysia
8 Apr 08
I use tefal thermo spot cookware in my kitchen. I come from a looong line of tefal non stick cookware users in my family. And have not heard (in my family) any sickness case caused by the usage of non stick tefal cookware.
• Ireland
26 Feb 07
I have been using a non stick breadmaker and I commented to my son, how easy it was to clean. He then informed me that some of it was dangerous to our health. Well, so far, notbody has refused to eat the bread, so I will continue to use it until I hear that it has actually been taken off the market.
@crazynurse (7489)
• United States
25 Feb 07
I think as with anything you research, there is research that support either viewpoint! I too have heard that the non-stick cookware isn't good for us, yet I know from chemistry class that teflon is an inert metal and have read research that says it is harmless. What I have done is purchased waterless cookware (it cleans up sooo easily) (it is stainless steel) and I have one silverstone coated fry pan for occassional use. Surely if I don't use the silverstone for all dishes I prepare then I won't suffer too much damage! Of course, these crazy studies, they probably took some 3-oz mouse and fed it 3 heaping tablespoons of pure teflon for 10 years and found that it wasn't good for the mouse!!! We would probably have to eat teflon for years to have equivalent doses!
• United States
24 Feb 07
I had heard different things from the news.I 've heard that it was then I heard it was only harmful to animals.I have had animals since we first started using non stick years and years ago and we have had no problems with them at all.
@brimia (6584)
• United States
24 Feb 07
I've also heard it's harmful. I didn't replace my non-stick pan after it got scratched up. I'd rather not take the chance of absorbing any harmful substances just in case. I also don't use aluminum cookware because I heard this also has possible cancer links. I use stainless steel cookware.