The Digital Imagin an Communications in Medicine

knee - knee radiology
February 24, 2007 9:14am CST
A standard in the field of medical informatics for exchanging digital information between medical imaging equipment (such as radiological imaging) and other systems, ensuring interoperability. The standard specifies: -a set o protocols for devices communicating over a network -the syntax ans semantics of commands and associated information that can be exchanged using these protocols -a set of media storage services and devices claiming conformance to the standard, as well as a file format and a medical directory structure to facilitate access to the images and related information stored on media that share information. The stantdard was developed jointly by ACR (the American College of Radiology) and NEMA (the National Electrical Manufacturers Assiciation) as an extension to an earlier standard for exchanging medical imaging data that did not include provisions for networking or offline media formats. Who works with this?
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